Water, Water Everywhere... Does the World Really Need Another Bloody Water?



From Bookboy:

So in the uni store I work at, the water situation is becoming a little ridiculous really.

We've got sports water, vitamin water, sugar water, sparkling water, flavoured water, duck water (http://www.retailhellunderground.com/my_weblog/2015/09/hot-seller-or-fast-markdown-universitys-refreshing-duck-water.html), coconut water, regular water water, and for the less discerning students, free chilled and filtered tap water dispensers in the next building over that they can refill their own bottles with.

And now, our shelves are finally graced with 'Another Bloody Water'.

Granted, it's rather tongue in cheek as you will find if you to take the time to read the rest of the label on the back.

Bookboy"After extensive research looking at the purchasing behaviour of our core drinkers we know that you have made this important purchasing decision based on one of the following reasons:

#1 You are a free-thinking individual who will not be fooled by waterfalls, snow-capped alps or other such tricks. You like to put your own salt on your chips, wear your collar down and you listened to your Mum when she said "if everyone else was jumping off the bridge would you do it?"

#2 You saw a naughty word on the label and thought "Hee hee hee, there's a naughty word on that label. Those cheeky monkeys."

#3 You grabbed the first thing that felt cold. You're a lone wolf - unable to be snared in clever marketing traps. You probably won't even finish reading this label. But that's OK too. Your indifference makes you more appealing.

Whichever category you fit into, you can be sure that you made the right decision. Take a sip. It's good, isn't it? That's because our water comes from an underground spring, free from surrounding pesticides and other nasty chemicals.

So, whether you're the Raised Eyebrow #1, a Sniggering Reason #2, or a Maverick #3 (who will not be reading this anyway), we hope you enjoy your refreshing Another Bloody Water and we raise our bottles to you.