From Restaurant_Slave, March 2010:

Hello RHU world!

Today I bring you a tale of vouchers and gift certificates.
(The following story includes idiot custys trying to use two 10% off meals vouchers on the same bill. And balls of steel to tell them no.)

Roll back to January '11, we offered vouchers to customers for 10% off their meals, to be used before January 31st 2011. It clearly states on the vouchers that they were for one food bill only and one per customer, they also have no monetary value.

Now, every time I offered someone one of these vouchers, I always told them the rules so they knew. Most people were fine and remembered...some didn't.

Cue a table of 4 that were booked in, had their meals and drinks, everything was fine for them. Here's the kicker, they were friends of the boss (bossman told me himself he knew them personally). Now I'm pretty sure all of you fellow slaves know how entitled custys can be when they know the bossman/woman. These people were no different.

They come up to my little desk to pay their bill, ask what their total is, I tell them and hand over their copy of the bill so they can see for themselves. Instead of nicely putting the voucher in my hand, they toss 2 vouchers in my general direction without so much as a "oh, by the way I have a voucher". For some inexplicable reason my temper is pretty short these days (must be the years of dealing with idiots), and I may have been a little bit rude back to them.

Me: "I'm sorry sir, but you can only use one of these vouchers, it does clearly state on the bottom one per food bill" (I had moved slightly backwards at this point nearer the telephone as the guy's face had gone from happy to 'you fucking what?!' in seconds)

Idiot: "but we've come as couples and we want to pay separately with these vouchers. You should have made us separate bills!"

Jason 026a

Me: "I'm sorry, but because you did not tell me when you first came in that you wanted separate bills, I did not write out separate bills, I do not write out separate bills unless I am asked. I'm not a mind reader. Now I will accept one, and only one voucher. You will have to pay the rest of the bill in money."

Idiot "Well I don't like your attitude. I know Bossman he said I could use both of them, and he will not be happy that you will not accept our second voucher."

Me: "Go right on ahead with that, I'll just go get him" (he was in the kitchen, I went and explained the situation to him and he said to just keep telling them only one voucher)

Me: "Bossman has told me he has not said anything of the sort, and that you can use one of the vouchers, as I have repeatedly told you. So please hurry up and pay, you're holding up my restaurant, I have customers waiting to be served which I cannot do at the moment."

Idiot "Chuntering away under his breath - something about 'stupid idiot girl, doesn't know what she's doing' "

I ignore his chuntering and steady stream of swears, make him fork over the money and voucher for the bill (I had deducted the 10%), I see him trying to make a grab for both of the vouchers back, so I grabbed one of the vouchers and scrawled in huge black letters VOID. Gave him a sickly sweet 'I secretly want to kill you' smile, handed him back the still valid voucher, put the money in the till and went to serve my customers.

Jason 023

As I was serving customers, I thought he was finally gone, he shouted from the doorway "I'm not giving you a tip, you're a stupid uneducated cow".

I tried to resist the urge to shout back, it failed.

M: "I'm not uneducated, I have 7 GCSE's from A to C, and 5 A Levels, and I'm going to Oxford."

His face dropped.

Sorry that it was so long, I felt that everyone should laugh at his incompetence.


BTW RHU'ers...

I'm not really going to Oxford, I told him that for the funsies :)

--Restaurant_ Slave


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Server Hell: Sorry you had to wait because you sat yourself in an empty section



From  Ziaki, Tales From Your Server:

It was a morning shift. Being a steakhouse we are never particularly busy in the morning but it was getting to be about 3 o clock so we were picking up a bit.

We only had one host on and he must have been helping bus a table at the time. A couple walked in, walked past the host stand and sat themselves at a dirty table in a section that had been closed.

I guess another server or two walked past them assuming they had already been taken care of because they had no menus in front of them.

Eventually someone comes up to me and says "Hey can you pick up table 12?"

I looked over at the table. "Uhhh. I guess. Why don't they have menus or silverware?"

"Oh they sat themselves."


So I go over to greet. ME / BL =Bitchy Lady

ME: HI I'm Z. I'll be . . .


ME: I apologize for that. Unfortunately you sat in as section that doesn't have a server assigned to it so it took us a minutes to realize that you hadn't been taken care of already. Can I start you off with . . .

BL: BULLSHIT! There was no host! There was no sign that says wait to be seated! I told that guy over there and he did nothing and I told that girl over there and she did nothing!

ME: I'm sorry but actually that girl was the one that let me know that you needed assistance and I came over as soon as she let me know. I apologize again for the confusion. Can I get you something to drink?

BL: You know what!? We'll just go somewhere else. This is bullshit!

I involuntarily threw up my hands. "Ok sorry again. Have a great day." And walked away. If I'm being honest I was happy they left. I did not want to wait on them after that nonsense. I just feel bad for whatever server / restaurant got stuck with them after they left.

-- Ziaki





Server Hell: ....But We Don't Even *HAVE* Salads?!


3 SERVERFrom krisslebissTalesFromYourServer

I was just browsing through some of the lovely stories here and was reminded of a very fond memory of mine I thought you'd all enjoy.

SF: salad fingers

Me: 17 year old working first fast food job, quickly loosing faith in humanity.

So to establish setting, my first fast food job ever was at a chain carhop style establishment. We're talking grease laden burgers, corn dogs and milkshakes. It was NEVER the kind of business to pretend to be healthy. This was yeaaars ago so I don't know if their menus have changed since then, but at the time we barely even put vegetables on our burgers, much less had salads. Cue SF pulling in and pressing the button to order.

Me: thank you for choosing " " would you like to try our delicious insert disgusting promo item here

SF: UGH no!!!!! I just want the McSalad*.

I smiled a little bit because I thought she was just playing off how grossly unhealthy the item I just promo'd was.

Carolanne ugh reallyMe: Haha! Nice one, ma'm. What can I get for you?

SF: I just TOLD you the McSALAD!!! Extra dressing!!!

I start to process she's serious, and I genuinely become concerned. I figure out where her car is in the lot so I can make sure she isn't showing signs of a stroke or some kind of mental issue. Turns out, she's parked in the spot right in front of me. She's middle aged, looks healthy and well put together and driving a nice car.

Me: Oh, I'm sorry m'am we don't have any salads here. The place you're looking for is across the street though!

SF: WHAT. Thats ABSURD. You must be new! I come here every day and get this salad!

Granted, I'd only been there a few months so I told her I'd go double checked with my cooks and see if we used to promo a salad but I was 100% certain we didn't have salads at the moment. Several of them had been there years, and they told me NOPE. No salads.

SF realizes she can see me from her car and is now just... staring. Intensely. Like she can't believe the practical joke I'm pulling. Then she starts in again, speaking very slowly.

SF: I. Want. The. Mc. Salad.

Constant eye contact, glaring.

At this point I try to explain to her that even the NAME of the salad suggests a different brand, she's having none of it.

Me and SF go back and forth for awhile, to the point where she actually starts to get upset and her voice sounds like she's going to cry she's so frustrated.

My manager finally gets free from whatever it was he was doing so he went out to her car to talk to her.

She genuinely just could not comprehend that we didn't have her specific salad. She left, after hours more staring. It's been a few years, but I think she said she'd call corporate on us for playing such a mean prank.