Retail Hell Memories: The Tale Of Bitchella, Coworker From Hell


This story was originally posted on May 31, 2010


DouchedHey RHU! I'm yet another long-time reader, first-time poster. Call me High Flyer- I work as a clerk in an airport, been doing it for 8 years. Not exactly retail, but sooo many nasty-ass custys! I totally sympathize :(

I just wanted to tell you about this former co-worker of mine, let's just call her Bitchella.

Bitchella was AWFUL. Never on time, took breaks whenever the going got tough, and had ZERO people skills. (We all know one, right?) That's what finally got her fired! Lemme tell you a story.

Once, last summer, I was working the red-eye shift with Bitchella. A flight to Philly got canceled, so all the commuters and tourists were waiting in line to get help about what to do.

There's a girl, maybe 15, and her mom, waiting patiently in line. They are perfect- mom's reading, daughter's listening to music and chatting with the other travelers.

The going was SLOW (my company's cheap-ass computers have ancient software and NO memory), so I was happy at how well everyone was waiting.

Then Bitchella decides to go on break- with maybe 10 people, including families with small children, in line (I'm talking 5 in the morning! It was early!!).

So as she's walking away, the nice mom with the book snags her and asks what she should do, because her daughter's flight leaves in an hour and she's an unaccompanied minor.

Carolanne Argh 2Bitchella tells her to, quote, "Get back in line and wait your turn! I'm on my break!" and storms off to the bathroom. (I got this from the mom later.)

Half an hour later, she returns, and the woman and her daughter go right up to her and tell her the deal. Unaccompanied minor, like I said, and those take time, let me tell you. And now the flight leaves in half an hour.

Bitchella tells them it can't be done and why didn't you put yourself forward sooner, these people trying to get to Philly can wait while you get sorted out!

The mom reiterates what Bitchella told her, and asks if anything can possibly be done, her daughter needs to get to wherever she was going.

Bitchella, instead of being polite and trying to actually HELP this poor woman, starts telling her off for not having the common sense to ask for help.

The mom repeats that Bitchella told her to wait her turn, Bitchella claims she never said that (I heard her say it, folks, and I'm the immediate superior. Dumb as a doorknob, this one).

At this point the girl is in tears, the mom and Bitchella are arguing, and everyone's having a bad day. Jason 008
I intervene, help the mom as best I can (putting her on the next available flight+upgrading her seat free, as per regulations), and send them on their way, daughter still sniffling.

At this point, you'd think Bitchella, having failed to apologize to either mother or daughter, would apologize to me, right?

Nope. True to form she starts with the next customer, bitching under her breath about 'pushy moms and princess daughters' and the like.

Not 3 minutes later, the mom comes back in, and marches up to my desk as I finish with another family. She asks for Bitchella's name, which I give her, and when I ask why she tells me, "So I can put it in my letter of complaint!"

Good for you, lady. You were the last straw that got Bitchella fired. You have my thanks.

So, story time is over. What did you think? Tell me about your Bitchella coworkers!

--High Flyer


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Wronged Custys: Rubber Checks


BrideFrom DorkJedi, TalesFromRetail Comments

A bank I was with years ago was caught being a major douche. Evidence and testimony by employees verified what everyone thought and they were eventually sued for:

They purposefully held deposits on accounts that are always low. They would accumulate the day's checks for the account, and work out what order of cashing them produced the highest number of bounced checks for the account. They would then process it that way, assess the fees and penalties, THEN let the deposit go into the severely negative account.

People getting paid expecting a $300 deposit found themselves at -$300 and wondering what the hell happened.

Many people living paycheck to paycheck found themselves unable to eat, pay rent, or worse all the time.



Wronged Custys: Bad Bank Procedures


GroupdroidsFrom CedarWolf, TalesFromRetail Comments

Bought a necklace online with an account at a major bank, which I had only for online purchases. Necklace cost $0.51 with free shipping, and I had deposited $50 earlier that day.

Well, my $0.51 charge, since it was made at 11:55 PM, was processed before my $50.00 deposit, which had been at 2:14 PM.

So I was charged a $15 fee for overdrafting, and then a $35 fee for not having any money in my account, leaving me with about $0.23 in my account.

I went to the bank to sort it out and/or cancel my account. When they refused to reverse the fees, I tried to cancel my account and the guy was flatly shocked that I would cancel my account over this... And then charged me a $25 cancellation fee.

A few months later, they got bought out by Wells Fargo. Fuck that bank.



Creepy Customer Service: Domino's Driver Fired After Bombarding a Custy with Freaky Text Messages




From Metro:

A creepy Domino’s delivery driver was sacked after bombarding a woman he delivered pizza to with ‘freaky’ text messages.

The driver was dismissed after Imogen Groome, 22, was inundated with love notes on Friday night.


The graduate from St Thomas, Exeter, met the delivery driver after she ordered the pizza around midnight.

After the exchange, she got inside to eat her snack, when a text came in from the same number which said: ‘You are so beautiful, God bless you.’

The messages carried on until yesterday morning when Dominos began investigating the incident.

Imogen said: ‘It’s really sinister and freaky and I am really disturbed by what happened.

‘It has made me not want to use Dominos delivery any more.’

Nina Arnott, spokesperson for Domino’s Pizza Group said: ‘We are very sorry to hear about Imogen’s experience, which was wholly unacceptable.

‘Following an investigation, the driver has been dismissed with immediate effect.

‘We are in touch with Imogen to help put this right.’

via Metro


When The Customer Is Right, But Gets Wronged


Asshat bossesFrom: Draggedup

Sometimes a customer is the one who makes the transaction hell. This is not one of those times. I worked briefly in a famous chain clothing store, at the POS, we didn't have a separate customer service desk so sometimes I handled problems.

Enter woman and her (obviously embarrassed) teen daughter. She explained that she bought a bra for her daughter for a wedding, and it'd given her blisters all along her ribcage. She didn't have the receipt, but the bra was one of our store's own labelled ones and she had the card she paid with. She'd emailed Corporate and was told to come in store so we could refund her and send the bra off for testing, to make sure there's no problem with a batch of them and figure out what went wrong.

I paged a manager as I wasn't sure how to deal with the paperwork, and got to chatting. This girl was so painfully shy, but seemed genuinely sweet, and I could imagine how painful it'd been (She'd brought a printout of a photo of these blisters, and they literally went around her ribcage where the bra would've sat).

Manager eventually arrives, and immediately launches an inquisition.

Not only does she question whether the bra (with Storename sewn on) is one of ours, but flat out tells these people that injuries like that "just can't happen" and cites customer error as the reason her daughter's ribs look similar to Freddy Krueger's face. This one sided blame game goes on for a couple of minutes.

At this point, I'm giving an apologetic glance to the ladies, and point out the email from corporate, which completely derails my manager, and leaves sane logic in her dust.

She demands loudly that this (probably 15 year old) girl show her the injury in the middle of our store, which the poor girl obviously refuses to do, and her mother is trying to explain that the emails exchanged had advised her to basically drop the bra off and collect her money (about £25). Manager keeps on until the teen is almost in tears and other customers look freaked out, then she FINALLY processes the refund and puts through the paperwork, without an apology of any kind, and zero eye contact. The family leave and I get told I could get a disciplinary if I disagree with her or "undermine" her again in front of a customer.

Fast forward a week, and corporate launch an investigation into her behaviour, turns out the family had complained and mentioned her by name (and pointed out I tried to help, even if I couldn't do much).

The real kicker- the bra had formaldehyde in the gel lining and resulted in £150 store credit for the customer, due to "manufacturing errors, and poor customer service," with the company accepting 100% liability.

She was lucky they didn't try to sue or something, but I've never felt so embarrassed or helpless with a customer before!



Michigan Woman Refuses To Ever Eat Domino's Again Because She Recieved a Vulgar Note On Her Receipt -- TWICE!



From Huff Po:

Keenyatta Robinson refuses to give her dough to Domino's Pizza after discovering a vulgar note on two receipts.

Robinson's daughter recently ordered a pizza from a Domino's in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

When she saw the receipt, something bothered her (and it wasn't the price of the pie).

On the receipt were three words, two of them offensive: "f*** this c***".

"I don’t understand why they would treat me this way," Robinson told WXYZ TV. 

Robinson decided to see if it was an accident, so she placed another order. 

"When I came to pick it up that receipt had the same vulgar language,” she told the station.

Robinson believes the receipts are in retaliation for the time in 2014 when she complained about not getting the sausage pizza she ordered.

The manager told her she would no longer be served, and she complained to his superiors.

Ronnie Asmar, Director of Operations at Domino’s, said that manager was later terminated, in part, for being rude to customers.

"His parting gift to us was putting that vulgar comment in her phone number’s notes,” Asmar told the station.

Apparently, no one noticed the comment until Robinson pointed it out.

Asmar has tried to apologize to her and offered a gift certificate to make it up to her, but Robinson refuses to accept it -- ever.

via Huffington Post