Custy Buys a Lemon Jeep and then Turns It Into a Pop Song About Getting Ripped Off


From Viral Viral Videos:

Besides for a house, a car is the most expensive thing the average person will buy in their life time. After plopping down over $20,000 you expect your car to last for many years. But sadly, that was not the case for Teg Sethi. He bought a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee, but while it still had that new car smell the SUV just died. After getting it ‘fixed’ at the dealership over and over, the issues were never resolved. So to get his revenge for being stuck with a lemon, he made this pop song about his broken SUV and is even planning on destroying it to prove a point. 





RHU Advice: Is It Legal For Costco To Search Their Customer's Shopping Bags?



From an RHuer:

I was at Costco shopping with my mother and nephew, checking the store out to see if I might want to get a membership myself. We went up to the checkout and my nephew went over to look at the display of Christmas lights. I had left my purple bag in the cart with the big items and the bag had my name on it. I was keeping an eye on my nephew and when I looked back, the male individual who was boxing the order up had his hands in my bag, digging through it. He pulled out an amiibo character that I had forgotten was in there, something that had been delivered to my parents' address since I am in the process of moving and that my mother had given to me while we were all eating together. When I asked him about it, he said he was just making sure. I have never felt so humiliated and angry in my life and this happened at least a week and a half ago. Needless to say, I will not be getting a membership there.

My question is, do I have any leg to stand on legal wise? Can an employee do something like searching your bag without even asking you? I admit that I shouldn't have left it in my bag, but the store doesn't even carry amiibo characters and I had honestly forgotten.



Dollar Tree Store Manager Arrested After Custy Finds His Phone Hidden in Women's Bathroom Recording Video


From ABC7:

A manager at a Dollar Tree store in East Los Angeles was arrested after being accused of peeping on a customer and secretly filming her in the store's bathroom.

On busy Whittier Boulevard in East L.A., shoppers expect a good deal at the Dollar Tree, but no one expected to hear the store's manager had been arrested, accused of recording a woman in the restroom.

Carlos Martinez was arrested on Sept. 7. Now, the woman at the heart of the case, 24-year-old Alexandria Sabori, is coming forward.

Sabori said when she discovered hidden the phone that was recording her in the bathroom, she couldn't believe her eyes. She said she kept telling herself that she couldn't be a victim of such a crime.


Sabori and her attorneys fear there are other victims. They also want a response from Dollar Tree about how they train their staff.

"Nobody had ever reached out to Ms. Sabori. Nobody came from Dollar Tree to answer questions or explain what has happened," said Patrick Nolan, Sabori's lawyer. "That's when we got involved, and I can tell you, Dollar Tree is going to answer our questions now that we're involved."

Sabori says the secret recording has taken an emotional toll.

"I just really want parents to watch their kids. You know, this could have been my niece instead of me," Sabori said.


As cameras get smaller and better, the threat of being secretly recorded grows, and that's making a lot of people uncomfortable.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is still investigating the case. They want other potential victims to contact them




Costco Sample Hell: Old Custy Tells Young Custy He's Eating Too Many Nutella Waffle Samples, Young Custy Punches Old Custy in The Face



From ABC7:

A 24-year-old Burbank man has been charged with elder abuse after allegedly punching a fellow Costco shopper in the face over free Nutella waffle samples.

Witnesses say Derrick Gharabighi assaulted a 78-year-old man who scolded him for taking too many free samples.

The incident occurred at the warehouse store in the 1000 block of West Burbank Boulevard shortly before 11 a.m. on Sunday.

The victim was hospitalized with a one-inch cut and swelling above his eye, Burbank police Officer Cindy Guillen said.

Gharabighi is expected to be arraigned Tuesday, and also faces an additional charge of personal infliction of great bodily injury against a person over 70 years of age.

He remains in custody and is being held in lieu of $50,000 bail.

If convicted as charged, Gharabighi faces a possible maximum sentence of more than 11 years in state prison.






Deli Hell: Custy Caught on Camera Slapping and Punching 10 Year-old Because She Did Not Like His Manners


From ABC6:

A boy in the Bronx got a beating he did not expect. A woman chased him, slapped him and ultimately gave him a bloody nose in a bodega.

Trying to teach a youngster some manners should not deteriorate into a police investigation, but that is what happened to the 5th grader who was struck repeatedly by another customer.

Ten-year-old Mohammed Almontsire relived the August 19th attack.

"She slapped me two times, I punched one time," Mohammed said.


"Indescribable for a father to see your son chased and beat up," said Ibrahim Almontsire.

The slaps and punch occurred inside the family's deli on East 206th Street in the Bronx. Mohammed went in to pick up a bag he had left earlier, He says the lady ordered him to say thank you.

"I told the lady it's none of her own biz, she said she has better grandsons that respect her and have better manners," Mohammed says.

It got worse from here. WABC-TV in New York says the woman decided to teach him manners - with her hands and fist.

"The way she punches him around, he was very helpless," Ibrahim adds.

Mohammed said the woman also called him 'bad words'.

Police are looking for the older woman who was captured on the security cameras terrorizing the helpless boy.

The owner says that he did not recognize the woman as one of his regular customers. A person of interest who was with the suspect is described as approximately 25 to 30-years-old, last seen wearing a hat, a black t-shirt with a design on the front and a black t-shirt.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD's Crime