Retail Hell Memories: Sporting Goods Store Department Manager Hell


This story was originally posted on October 01, 2011


Wronged slavesHello to RHU!!!!

You all can call me NoFucksGiven. Because frankly, I don't give any.

I have worked in many kinds of retail from my college bookstore, to sporting goods, and to your regular clothing store. I have handfuls of stories about the most horrible crustys I have ever come in contact with. I figure I'll start my first entry off with a story from my old job.

Since I don't work there anymore, and since I don't give a fuck, I won't masquerade it's name: it was Dicks Sporting Goods. That place is the WORST place to work with the WORST HR and shitty crustys. If you have to wear the green shirt, then your job will only last up to a few months to a year. Since their policies are so corrupt (as well as management) they will fire almost everyone then rehire, then repeat. I figure they do this to prevent a mutiny after a while then they will set you up to be fired.

I was targeted by one manager, I'll call her The Witch, since she looks like one. I was in customer service and she made it a point to harass, insult, and belittle me in front of the crustys and staff, so no one respected me nor took me seriously. Yet she blamed me for errors in every department, even though it was he jurisdiction and not mine. But I'll send me more stories of her and the abuse in later times.

Jason Hang myselfLet me tell you about this one incident that got me written up, which was blatantly not my fault. It was a busy weekend and it was towards closing time. Lines were long and we were all running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I had the unfortunate pleasure of checking out this one man (who I will call Old Asshole OA for short), who had tons of fishing stuff and we was clearly not happy.

Even before I can say my usual "Hi how are you?" he dumped all the stuff on my table, spilling some to the ground, then yelled, "WELL AREN'T YOU GONNA PICK IT UP?!"

Here's the dialogue to as much as I can remember:

Me: *looks at all the stuff he spilled* Did you find everything alright?

OA: I said pick them up! You've been wasting my time all fucking night and I'll be damned if you're gonna waste any more!

ME: *I only pick up the one packet of fake fish that spilled onto the floor on my side of the table. Checks him out*

OA: I figured you wouldn't. You're too fat to be bothered. Why do they hire fatasses to work in a SPORTING GOODS STORE????

(Mind you, I'm not fat, I'm just not skinny. All I could do was pretend to not hear what he said because I would have been arrested if I had to respond)

ME: Do you have a Whorescard?

OA: Yea, but if it's gonna help you I won't use it. Besides, I'm here to do an exchange.

(He could have told me before, but you think he wanted to make my life easy???)

Me: What did you want to return?

OA: This *throws it at me* I don't have a receipt. I also paid cash. What are you gonna do about it????

ME: *Trying not to punch him since I had respect for the elderly* Did you....use your Whorescard then?

OA: No, some dumb bitch pissed me off so I didn't put it on the transaction.

ME: Well then, the only thing I can do, since there is no proof of purchase is do a No Receipt Return. You won't get full value back, and I'll have to put it on a merchandise card.

OH. FUCK. NO. He wasn't having any of that


Technically, what I could have done, was put it in as a RRT, exchange it, and change the price of the item he wanted for the bottom value price, so he wouldn't have to pay. Managers encourage us to do so to prevent a customer loss (which they filed as one of the reasons why they terminated me, but that's for another day.)

ME: I am doing my job, you are being abusive which prevents me from working with you to your desired capacity.


So he throws the stuff he was gonna buy onto the floor and scatters IT around my workstation, then leaves.

The thing is, he never filed a complaint. EVER.

The Witch heard bits and pieces and asked her clone (a fellow green shirt whom she later fired a day after me) what happened, and since the clone was out for me too, told her lies about what happened even though other cashiers saw and heard everything that happened.

She told her that I cussed him out and kicked him out or something. Two weeks later I was written up for it. Other cashiers came forward and told the truth... and for some reason they were written up for insubordination. But HR wanted me fired and disregarded my side, saying that I'm lying to protect my own ass, and said that if I ever get an angry customer again then I'm gone. Which is bullshit because I had other POS assholes do almost the same thing and I wasn't written up for. But the Witch would try to. Even if a crusty was pissed at the lodge, team sports, or other depts, and if they took it out on me; she would consider it my fault because I didn't satisfied their needs.

Has this particular incident happen to you? Please share so I'll know that I'm the only one!!!!!



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Wronged Workers: Sexism Strikes Again


Wronged slavesFrom RHUer

In 2003, I was working for a leading defence industry company as a engineer.

A guy that I worked with decided I wasn't getting enough sex, (where this idea even came from, besides his own twisted little mind? No idea.) and presented me with a cucumber-shaped vibrator in front of a room full of male engineers.

Many thought it was absolutely hilarious, but a few were embarrassed. None reprimanded the guy. I had to do that myself.

His response? "Obviously you DO need that, if you're going to be so uptight about a little joke."

I reported him to HR, a female rep came and spoke to me and took the 'gift'. I learned later that he'd been spoken to by HR, but I never received an apology or any follow-up.

In fact, I was moved out of the area and later made 'redundant'.



Misty Meanor's Tales From The Gas Station: Escaping Hell



*slurp slurp slurp*
Oh shit, I'm on, aren't I?

*puts away her soda, clears her throat, then makes herself look more presentable*
Hello fellow RHUers, it's your old friend Misty Meanor here with a major update about what's been happening at the gas station.  Quite a lot, actually.
For one, the whole staff shake up took a huge toll on Yours Truly, not to mention my awesome manager Michelle.  It was too much for her to take, so she ended up resigning.  For a while, things went to hell, as we had no syrup for the soda fountain, we had no creamer for the coffee, our frappe machine was down... you know, everything had gone to hell in a handbasket.  We had gotten the District Manager in to fix things up while we got things back on track.  It wasn't easy, but things got back up there slowly.
Then we finally got our new manager.  "David" seemed to be a cool enough guy, saying he wanted to work with us based on our scheduling needs and whatnot.  He also seemed intent on bringing things back onto track at the store.  At first, I believed him.
Foolish mistake.
There were times where we were running low on change and our change dispenser was empty.  I texted him telling him this, his response was to, "Just do the best you can to give them their change."

Uh, what?
Also, did I mention that David never put himself on the schedule? Instead, he'd just show up from time to time, say, "I'm not scheduled today, I just came in to take care of <such-and-such.>" Not to mention, Michelle would leave us her numbers when we needed to update the fuel prices, but David never did that.  He'd just update it when he showed up.  If he felt like it.
When something was low in stock or empty, he'd tell us, "Just do the best you can.  It's no use worrying over things you have no control over." Uh, when the customers are chewing us out over these things, it does make me worry.
Gas station 1All the while, David was telling us we needed to focus on keeping the store clean and neat while making sure the gas station area was completely clean and our stock put away.  At least that's what David wanted.  Easy enough, right?
Unfortunately, our new District Manager, "Scott," had other plans.  You see, our company has a partnership with candy companies in that we sell as much candy as we can, and in return for selling their candy, the company gets a huge share of the profits.  So Scott wanted us to start focusing on offering candy to every customer in order to meet our quotas.  We had never had much of an issue before, but apparently the month before, our quotas had slipped.
Bad enough, right? Well, it gets better.
We also were told if we didn't meet our sales goals, there would be sanctions, including write-ups or termination.  That really hit me hard.
I mean, come on, this is a gas station! Most of the time, people just come in to buy gas, and they'll give you their money, tell you what pump they're on and what kind of gas they want, then walk out.  There's no way that they want any candy.  And the ones who did buy snacks and stuff weren't interested.  Also, did I mention a LOT of customers are more interested in eating healthy?
Yeah, that makes things a LOT easier, doesn't it? *sarcasm*
As a consequence of not meeting our sales goals, the company cut our hours and switched us to single coverage.  Meaning for every shift, there's only one person on.  However, according to a co-worker, I heard they do this because they're trying to save money so that the higher-ups can throw huge parties on yachts or in their mansions.  All while the lowly workers suffer.  All the while, we're given a list of tasks we have to do during the day, which is next to impossible since we have to keep an eye on the gas pumps and watch out for customers.
As a result, stock was being left out, hot foods weren't being prepared, coffee wasn't being readied for the morning, you get the idea...
Gas station 2---
Also, one of the other workers, "George" was a bit of an older guy, but that doesn't excuse his unwillingness to do his job.  George was notorious for simply focusing on the cash register and little to nothing else.  He refuses to go into the coolers to get anything or put stuff away because, he's "not being paid enough to do that." He also doesn't care about the cigarettes or anything else like that.  Seriously, if you don't like it, you can walk!
It's his devil-may-care attitude about this that makes me suspect what happened recently was caused by him.
In the gas station area, there are several trash barrels which require specific bags that are larger than the average trash bags.  Unfortunately, someone put the smaller bags inside the barrels and, as a result, when one of my co-workers tried to take them out, they ended up ripping and trash spilled everywhere.  Neither her nor myself were strong enough to lift the barrels and put the trash into larger bags (and no misogynistic comments please, because I've lifted heavier things than most people expect your average woman to carry!)

Unfortunately, as a result, trash was blowing all over the place and customers were complaining about it, asking when we were going to do something about it.  I told them when the next person got on they'd do something.  Alas, this kept going on all my shift.
Also, a teenage kid came in and wanted to buy cigarettes.  When I asked him for his ID, he claimed he'd been in there an hour ago and I should remember him.  (Spoiler alert: He wasn't.)
I kept telling him I needed ID and he kept making excuses, like he was in a car accident and he lost his ID.  Finally, he asked, "Will you just do it as a favor?"

"No," I told him.
"You don't have to be so rude!" He replied and stormed out to a nearby car where his friend was waiting.
Shortly after, a woman came in to buy gas, and as soon as she came out, the driver of the car called her over.  Immediately I stepped outside and told them to move along.
The passenger side window rolled down and said, "Who do you think you are? The police?"

"If you don't leave, I will call the police!"

"You ain't the f***ing police!" He snapped.  I finally hit my patience limit.
"GET OUT NOW!" I bellowed.  His friend drove out of there immediately.  At least he didn't make a rude gesture.
The same can't be said for an angry crusty who had appeared on the previous shift.  He was trying to pump gas, but he wasn't sliding his card at all.  Instead, he expected me to turn on the pump right away.  I used the intercom to tell him several times he needed to hang up the hose and slide his card first.  He hung it up... then lifted it again.  I told him to come inside, then returned to my current customer.
A few moments later, the older man came in and said, "I'm on that pump!"

"I'll be with you in a second, sir," I replied politely.
An exact second later, "It's been one second!"

"Sir, I'm with customers.  You have to wait."
"I'm not a patient person!" He replied, then stormed back to the pump.  Several times he tried to get me to turn on the pump, even pressing the help button.  I told him he had to pay before pumping.  Eventually, he got in his car and started to drive off... only to stop in front of my window and give me the finger.  I gestured towards the exit and mouthed, "GET OUT! NOW!"
He left.
All in all, things were going to hell faster and faster with every shift, and there was nothing I could do.  It was getting to the point that I was having very harsh thoughts.  It was affecting my physical and mental health.  I just couldn't take it anymore, but the fact that we could be fired for things we have no control over showed just how terrible the company was.  So at the end of my shift, I clocked out and left my manager both a note and text telling him that I was done...
Then I walked off and never looked back again.  I have plenty of other references, I was only there for a few months, so this is no big loss.
I could've gone out in a blaze of glory, but I decided that, between poor management, greedy corporate officials, and other crap, it was time to call it quits.  I didn't give two weeks' notice because I had a feeling the others would not look kindly upon it, especially how I was the only one bending over backwards for them when things were going to hell.  I decided to quit on the spot.  Never thought I would, but I did it.
I figured, do unto others, right?
I'll be working with an agency to find new work.
For now, it's time for another soda!





Wronged Workers: Slandered By Satan


Wronged workers 1From Swarleymon

At my first job I was there when I was 17 to 22ish. Absolutely loved my job, until my boss put in her two weeks. Since I was there for 4 years and felt I could handle the job I applied for it, as well as another coworker and a friend. My friend backed out and it was down to me and Sue, aka Satan. Turns out they felt a 22 year old with 4 years of experience wasn't enough. They preferred someone who was well into her 60's and had worked there one day a week for 6 months.

But hey, let's give me a bone and make me her assistant. Wasn't bad; got a slight raise but it didn't last long enough. She ruined the whole activity department. You don't fuck with Residents Bingo and that's exactly what she did.

Anyway, I kept teaching her things she should have known for her position, then she ended up telling people I wasn't not allowed to do the paper work. So pretty much make it look like I'm not doing my job. I worked myself to the bone I tried to make activities fun but she wouldn't approve anything.

I told the higher ups what was going on. We had so many meetings to "fix" things. Nothing happened and I really left work crying so many times because of what it used to be and what it is becoming.

We'll then she fired me. I changed the schedule to be helpful and that copy went missing and I was a no call no show.

Gets worse, went to apply after she ran it into the ground and was hired on the spot and they were very excited and happy to have me. I did 6 hours of videos and the drug test and all that jazz.

One person from corporate saw me, and that was it. Turns out Satan had spread lies about me saying that I had sex at work and other things. I was automatically fired.

When asked about it they denied it completely.



Toxic Managers: "Avoiding future trouble"


1 managerFrom SirSplodingSpud, AskReddit

I used to be a labourer at a small building company, and the boss isn't too bright. So one day he decides he needs the hose, seeing as I'm closer he says "SirSplodingSpud, pass me the hose."

Simple enough, says I, so I reach down to pick it up, only to discover a bucket of water sitting on the other, tangled end, about 3 metres away. I give the hose a tug or two, but nought happens. As it turns out the bucket was filled with water.

So I put my end of the hose down and walk towards the bucket.

Then my boss yells "SirSplodingSpud, I said pass me the hose!!!"

"I just need to move the bucket," I reply.

"Forget the damn bucket SirSplodingSpud, I said pass me the hose!"

So I move away from the bucket and pick up the end of the hose.

He yells angrily "Never mind, you're taking too long, I'll do it."

He picks up the hose and yanks angrily, trying to dislodge the almighty bucket, to no avail.

"SirSplodingSpud! Move that damn bucket!" He screams.

This is the point where he realises the hose is not attached to the tap. He walks over, not half a metre away from where the bucket sat, to plug the hose in and turn it on, all the while muttering that I'm a bad worker.

This is just one of many incidents that happened with all employees there.

I was fired this morning, unlawfully. Not a lot I can do. I haven't been there long enough to sue for wrongful termination, so I get a week's pay then I'm on my way.

His only 'reason' for firing me was "Avoiding future trouble". No one else has had a problem with my work, but other builders told me he was looking for someone else to do the same job, but for cheaper.



Religious Freaks: A Wronged Gym Worker


Carolanne holy spiritsFrom ninjastrength86, TalesFromRetail

I work in a gym and part of our guest pass policy is that if someone has been on a guest pass in the last six months they are not eligible for another one.

Well a guy came in to the club wanting a guest pass since he just told me he just had one so I told him he wasn't eligible for one.

He immediately stood up from my desk and started yelling at me for wasting his time. Called me an ass and wouldn't let me get a word in. He then mentioned he was a Christian and his church had come for a group free work out.

I was shocked that someone who was being so horribly rude would identify as a Christian so I asked him what church he went to.

He didn't answer and just told me he would be calling my manager. Well he called and had three other people from his work who i have never even seen call and complain about me.

I got written up because he said I was rude and discriminated against him because of his religion.

If I get one more write up I'll get fired. My wife is pregnant with my first child and if I get fired I'm screwed. I just can't believe someone who calls themselves a Christian would treat people like that just for a free week at the gym. It's disgusting.