Horrifying Products: Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Toy



This is the toy that actually started the "Choking Hazard" warning trend. The vehicle itself is fine, but the pretend laser torpedo is the problem here. A four year old child shot it down his throat and promptly choked to death. Mattel, the producers of the toy were sued, and ever since, all small toys need a bright sticker or warning sign.

--Danger Dolan


Toy Fails: Poopy-Time Fun Shapes Stars And Hearts



Every now and then we come across some stuff on the internet that even we at “Yes This Happened” can’t believe exists. The Poopy-Time Fun Shapes toy is a great example of this. Are you supposed to stick this sh*t up your kids’ rectums and make them poop out stars and hearts? Whatever happened to normal pooping?

via coed.com


Toy Fails: Super AIDS; Positive Peter


Apparently this was designed to be a team of White House Aids that fought crime, but unfortunately the disease AIDS was named as soon as they were released. Also, the name Positive Peter is horribly fantastic. You literally could not have worse timing than this. Not possible.